Here you will find answers to some common questions about Goodaff and related marketing

When was Goodaff established?

Goodaff affiliate platform was established in November 2017 and has been operating in various global markets since then.

What is the role of Goodaff in affiliate marketing?

Goodaff is a specialized financial affiliate marketing platform. Goodaff’s role is to position itself as a trusted third party between advertisers and publishers who offer account management, strategy and technology.

How is Goodaff different from its competitors?

Our affiliate management and reporting tools are easy to use, flexible and offer features to help you get the most out of your affiliate channel. Our network simultaneously offers advertisers and publishers opportunities to expand globally into new markets.

What is affiliate marketing?

The publisher, using promotional materials, directs the potential buyer to the advertiser’s page. For each valid conversion, the publisher receives a consideration base on a commission

What is an affiliate network?

The affiliate network is an intermediary between the advertiser and the publisher. The networks offer tracking, account management, payment processing, technical support and tips to optimize affiliate marketing activities for both parties.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing works through tracking pixels. When the user clicks on the tracking link, the corresponding cookie is saved. As soon as the user completes the transaction, the tracking pixel is activated and conversion tracking is provided in the system. Goodaff tracks each network publisher using a unique ID number to record and know which publisher is converting.

How can you make money through affiliate marketing?

You can make money through affiliate marketing by promoting products or offers.

What are the restrictions on affiliates?

It is important to follow the network guidelines. Goodaff includes terms and conditions that require publishers to agree to network terms when joining the network.


How to add your affiliate program?

To start an affiliate program, contact us here.

Why should I join the Goodaff affiliate network?

Our platform helps advertisers get the most traffic or business to their site in the most efficient way.

Is it possible to offer different commission models?

You can offer your commissions the way you want.

How much does a membership in affiliate networks cost?

Goodaff works on an activity-based business model, meaning the advertiser only pays for approved conversions. Goodaff charges a commission on approved conversion fees. In addition to these fees, a platform access fee may apply.

What are the requirements to become an advertiser?

You must own the site where you offer the service(-s). Once you have completed and submitted the contact form, we will contact you by email or phone.


How do I use Goodaff?

Once the registration is complete, you can access the Goodaff platform. You can then use our list of advertisers and selected ad link (s). You can apply for private campaigns personally by filling in the required information.

What criteria does my publisher site need to meet?

Anyone can sign up as a publisher if they own a site that can link to advertisers and advertise affiliate programs.

Can I register if I dont have a website?

Yes, we accept publishers who can advertise our advertiser programs through a variety of direct ad channels.

Where can I find my publisher ID?

The publisher ID number is generated automatically and can be found in your user profile. If necessary, you can change the ID number by contacting the Goodaff support team peronally.

Can I have multiple user accounts?

No, each publisher can only have 1 Goodaff user account.

I forgot my password, what to do?

To reset the password, click Forgot password. If youre still having trouble logging in, please contact support.

I entered an incorrect email address during registration. How do I change it?

New registration is required. A user account is created only after the publisher has confirmed their entered email by clicking on the activation link, which is sent to the entered email address.

When will I receive the earned commission?

Conversion data is automatically reflected in the system, but costs are only incurred after advertiser conversions have been approved. The minimum payout amount is 500 EUR and payouts are made once a month after the 20th date. However, if you would like more frequent monthly payments, please contact the Goodaff support team.

How do I get paid?

We offer local SEPA transfers to a bank account in Europe, the currency is EUR.
Outside Europe we offer international payments to a bank account, the currency is EUR.
In Ukraine we offer payments to a bank account or card, the currency is UAH.
Payment information can be changed in the user profile "Payment information".

What are the requirements to advertise an advertiser?

Each advertiser program has its own rules and criteria, which can be found in each advertisers profile.

How to create a link?

Open the selected offer, which will have a personalized link with your publisher ID number.

User profile

What statistics can be seen on the Goodaff platform?

Clicks, Approved commissions, Pending commisions, EPC. If necessary, you can select different statistics by clicking on the appropriate statistic type.

What is EPC?

EPC (earnings per click). = number of approved commissions / clicks.

What is CPA/CPS?

CPA is the amount an advertiser pays to sell a product or service. The cost of one purchase can be set as a percentage or a fixed monetary value.

What is CPA2?

CPA2 is the amount an advertiser pays to resell a product or service. The cost of one purchase can be set as a percentage or a fixed monetary value.

What is CPL?

CPL is the amount an advertiser pays for a successful application.

Does Goodaff offer an API?

Goodaff offers an API for get commissions automatically to your system. More information in the API section.

How to contact?

Using the Messages feature, you can contact the Goodaff support team personally. The Messages feature is available under the "bell" button, on the right side, next to the users profile.