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When You work online, it is crucial to follow the trends and growth of the niche You work in, because it can not only help to improve the service You provide and increase Your income, but most importantly – it can also save Your time. Some agree, some disagree, but it makes sense if Your results worsen if You make no changes while other competitors of Your market implement new features and follow the trends, right? Since You already know what affiliate marketing is, how to make money with it and why one should choose GoodAff, let us introduce You to yet another good way how You can make more money with us – our widget.

Trust experts 

So, before we dive in to the details of the widget, let’s understand what it is. Since our speciality is finance and we have over 10 years of experience under our belt, we know what works best. The best way to advertise microloan companies is to give the client a choice to choose the best loan for them. For the client to be able to understand it, You need to show all the important information – available sums, terms, percent rate, age, receiving time… Now, if even You are a computer whiz, it takes time to create a webpage like this, not even mentioning doing it with no previous knowledge. Since we know that time is the most valuable asset, we offer You, our publishers, a way to save Your precious time and to maximize the monetization of the traffic You generate.

How, why?

Our belief is that if our publishers succeed, we succeed, so we find it important to help You guys out. What we offer is a ready template for Your landing page – a template that literally does all the work for you. What exactly does this widget do, You might think? Well, let’s start with the position sorting that makes all the difference – it is important to have the best performing campaigns at the top positions, because people tend to choose the first options, so there is no point to waste the clicks to a campaign that will not convert them into commissions. The system we have created will automatically sort the offers, based on their EPC (earnings per click) on 7 day basis, making sure that Your comparing page is updated at all times, based on real time data. Keeping in mind that the lenders tend to make changes to the data You show on the comparing page, it is important to keep those up to date too - our system does that as well – available sum, terms, percent rates, ages, even the logos, if they change. Just like moments when some of the offers are temporarily not working – they will not be shown automatically, just so You can earn the most. Oh, right, want to hear the best part? This feature is for free!

With us and with the possibilities we offer, You can reach new heights and make more money doing less. What are You waiting for? Let’s make money!