Why choose GoodAff

We have learnt what affiliate marketing is and how to make money with it, but even if the niche is no rocket science, it sure has some things You should pay attention to. And one of them is to choose the right network You can trust and that allows You to reach Your full potential, so let’s look at some of the reasons to choose GoodAff as your affiliate network.

There are times when You feel like You would like do something, but not knowing how to do it stops You.

One way to deal with that is to learn it, but what if learning something takes much more time than You actually have? In this case, since we are professionals in our field with years of experience, we take a step towards our publishers and give them something to start with. Our newest feature – a widget for Your comparing page. You might be thinking – what is that and why should I have it, but get this – imagine having a site that does the work itself, allowing You to only focus on driving traffic to your landing page. To understand it better, imagine spending time or money (or both) on creating a comparing page, then adding all the info about all the lenders, making it look good and then, when it is launched, You realize that the traffic You have generated does not convert that good. You could spend more days and traffic on trying to find the best performing campaigns, OR You could implement the widget that does the sorting for You, based on real time results and making sure You earn the most from Your traffic. Not only it does the sorting for You, but it also renews the data and information about the offers, which is vital for Your client (and You). Want to hear the best part about it? It is completely free for our publishers, so do not wait and take Your online money making to another level!

An old truth is that what is easy for one, might be really hard or impossible for someone else.

We want to make sure that we give a helping hand for those in need. That means that no matter the case, we do our best to help our publishers. Our experience allows to give worthy advice on Your Ads, webpages, technical support and working out the issues that arise. Working with us means You are one of ours, so we treat You that way.

Refer a friend or a colleague!

Another great feature is that You can add funds to Your balance by referring someone that also makes money with affiliate marketing. However, there is a rule - You get the bonus when the refferred user has reached the payout sum. It is like that just so we know that they will actually be working with us. Fair, right? Besides having the chance to add some extra cash to Your balance, we give You a chance to get the best commission prices in the market. By offering the best prices, we want to give You more motivation and also increase Your traffic volume. It is easy math – the more money You earn, the more You can invest back into Your ads, which will allow You to make more in the future. Be smart with Your finances, focus on the long term, like we do.

Growth matters. 

As we know from our previous posts, there are many geos and many verticals in affiliate marketing, so we keep our eyes open and we focus on the long term – we are constantly growing our network in many ways. We are increasing our base of partners and the geos we work in – that means we work, so You can expand too. If You are advertising campaigns in Vietnam, why not advertise campaigns in Philippines or Sri Lanka? After all, You do not have to be physically in the market You work in – You can be advertising offers in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Vietnam from a sunny beach in Spain or Maldives, enjoying a cocktail.

Knowing the opportunities the internet offers, why limit Yourself to be in just one place, when You can do and earn more? Just like that, there are many more verticals to work on, so 2022 will surely be great to learn new things and grow in other ways.