Save time and make more money


                Are you thinking to start making money by generating traffic online or maybe you are already doing it, but in a different category than finance and want to diversify your traffic? If you are only in the starting phase, make sure you understand it better by checking out our previous posts - what is affiliate marketinghow to make money with affiliate marketing and why choose GoodAff. If you know all about it, let’s cut to the chase!

We know the importance of saving time and resources and everyone knows it.

                Let’s learn more about how we can help you with that! Previously we offered our publishers the code that they could use on their landing pages, saving time on creating the page - the layout, information, lender logos and everything else that is important for the client to make the right choice and for the publisher – to have a good, working site. Now we’ve taken it to the next step, making sure that we do everything to help you save your time even more – you can now just take the link and run traffic to it!

It works as easy as it sounds!

               Once you log in to your account on, you will find “WIDGETS” on the left. If you choose “I am experienced” (if you have your own domain and knowledge of editing and putting to use an PHP file), you can adjust and use the code for your webpage. If you choose “I’m a beginner” (you don’t necessarily have to be a beginner, though), you can take the ready link that you see there – it will have your unique ID in it after the “/” – for example, , if your ID is 420. This will ensure that all the clients (clicks, applications, sales) will be recorded on your profile.

Tools that make work easier

               This page will not only record the statistics of your traffic, but the page itself will help you to maximize the profit you can get from your traffic. Let’s say you send 1000 clicks to this site every day for 7 days – it will automatically sort the campaigns that perform the best from your traffic. That means, if your traffic converts better on offer X and Y, they will be shown to your clients in the first positions. If the offer Z performs not as well, it will be shown lower (clients tend to choose the campaigns that are in the top positions), therefore you can count on the system to do the work for you – no need to compare the statistics daily and make adjustments to the page yourself. It is just the same for the information about the lenders – if there is any change in the information about the offer, our team will do it on our system and it will be renewed on your page.

Basically, instead of spending days and/or hundreds of dollars to get your page up and running, you can get it done in under a minute and having to pay exactly zero. Cool, huh?

If you want to request a page for a different market or have any other ideas how we can help you to start and to grow, let us know, we are always motivated to give our publishers a helping hand!