Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

     There are many ways to make money - some produce goods or services, others make money working usual jobs – at shops, offices, banks and so on. These people know their job – when they start, what they do and where they do their work for which they get paid, which is all right. But what if there is a way to be the middleman and make extra money anytime from anywhere in the world?

     Affiliate marketing allows you to make money, advertising any product or service you like or you know is good for the consumer. There are many directions (verticals) – finance, dating, nutra, sweepstakes, eCommerce, gambling, gaming and many more – basically, whatever you can buy on the internet. This gives you a chance to get a piece of the pie – Affiliate Marketing networks, like GoodAff are partners with the businesses, so as an individual user you can earn commissions for the customers you bring in for these businesses.

Let's put it in an example: Tom has a lending company that specializes in car loans. He has his business running, but he knows he could be making more if he had more clients. Doing his research online, he finds GoodAff and learns of the service they provide. To attract more customers, Tom partners up with the affiliate network – GoodAff. Now, the other side of the story – Jerry is working at an office, but he feels like he could use more money, so he looks for options online and finds a blog about affiliate marketing. “All right, I want to be a publisher!”, he says and registers on GoodAff, where he can access all the partners the network has. He picks the businesses he wants to advertise and starts his work as a publisher. It's not the easiest job he has ever had, but he understands that learning and understanding the niche takes time, so he starts off slowly – testing what works and what does not, reading blogs and watching tutorials. It might not be very easy, but it`s no rocket science too. Tom is lucky that Jerry chose to advertise his service too, because he sees that there are more clients visiting his webpage. Having this many clients was Tom's dream, so his business is growing. Out of all the clients he got from GoodAff, many visited Tom's page after hearing about it on Jerry's advertisement, so on his panel Jerry sees the clicks and other statistics of his work, but most importantly, he sees the approved commissions, for which he will get paid. End of the story.

     It is no surprise that a job like this is something many would refer to as “a dream job”, but it`s actually not – it's as real as it gets. To start working as a publisher requires only your motivation to start and your creativeness to understand which way to go – there are multiple ways to generate traffic, multiple verticals to advertise and many new markets to enter.

Thanks to the internet, our possibilities are limitless, it only comes down to how much you want it.